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https://moat.cefas.co.uk/pressures-from-human-activities/commercial-fish-and-shellfish/fishing-pressure/ Adult swordfish have few natural predators except for orcas and humans. Juvenile swordfish are frequently eaten by sharks, marlins, tuna, and sailfish. Resting phase (immature): The ovaries are small, thin, thread like, translucent, pale or dirty white in colour with inconspicuous vascularisation. The ovaries occupy only a small part of the body cavity and ova are not visible to the naked eye. Histologically, the ovary shows ovigerous lamellae, having nests of oogonia, and immature oocytes in the stage I and II are visible under a microscope.

The former secretary’s husband Walter, an engineer, passed away from lung disease three years ago and 10 years ago one of her sons died. As a 30-something, I ate healthily and exercised. It was an investment in my future. I am still fit and healthy now, while I have friends complaining about their aches and pains.” Norway lobster (Nephrops norvegicus) in Division 4.b. Functional Unit 8 (central North Sea. Firth of Forth) In Cyprinodonts (eg Gambusia) the vas deferens is produced into a tube up to the end to the interior rays of the anal fin. In the Poecillidae also the males are provided with complicated intromittent organ developed from modified anal fin rays, ending in curved hooks, spines and barbs. The male four-eyed fish, Anableps, is also provided with a special tube for copulation. In all these fishes, the fertilised ova are retained within the body of the female and young ones are born. The courtship of the female by the male consists in swimming merry go round fashion in her vicinity during which the male exhibits his brilliant colours, this is beautifully exhibited by some species as the Siamese much excited during the breeding season, that they fight with other males inflicting considerable damage to one another. The males of certain Gobies also fight with each other and the victorious one shows its bright colours to the female.Some people might not agree with Jane’s view on life and think she should dress and act ‘more appropriately’ for a woman who’s a great, great aunt. In recent years, the popularity of swordfish in cooking has fallen off due to restrictions on fishing and coordinated conservation campaigns. However, many people around the world still eat swordfish regularly. Swordfish is incredibly meaty and typically served in “steak” forms. This makes it ideal for cooking on a grill or on skewers, as the meat retains its texture well under high heat. In addition, many people enjoy cooking in stews or baking it in the oven. It’s meat has a mild, slightly sweet taste and pairs well with many kinds of sauces and marinades. That said, due to its high mercury content, health authorities encourage people not to eat too much, especially young or pregnant people. Swordfish Conservation: The eggs float for sometime and hatch at a depth of 60-150 feet. The larvae are called the Leptocephali, and are flat, leaf-like, tiny creatures, provided with long, needle like teeth for feeding. To start long homeward journey they move in the easterly direction, grow rapidly during the first few months, and when they reach the coasts of Western Europe, they are about three inches long and two years old. At this stage they undergo metamorphosis, during which time they stop feeding, lost teeth, and the body assumes a cylindrical shape. They are transparent and are called elvers or glass eel which acquires new teeth. The elvers, when become three years old, start ascending the rivers in huge numbers, and are able to cross all obstacles and finally on reaching their suitable resting place they feed and grow for some years and ultimately develop into yellow eels. Finally on attaining maturity, they finally change into silver eels, and start for their own breeding migration to the sea, which ends in death. This is called maturation of the gonads, writes Professor Nihar Ranjan Chattopadhyay, West Bengal University of Animal and Fishery Sciences.

Besides the pre-ovulation corpus luteum ( corpora atretica) described above, comparable structures develop from the follicula cells after the discharge of the mature ovum. In the viviparous teleosts, fertilisation generally takes place while egg is within the follicle (follicular gestation) or development takes place within the ovarian cavity (ovarian gestation). Eggs Whiting (Merlangius merlangus) in Subarea 4 and Division 7.d (North Sea and eastern English Channel)Norway lobster (Nephrops norvegicus) in Division 6.a. Functional Unit 12 (West of Scotland. South Minch)

Fish are an integral component of marine biodiversity. They are an important element of the food chain for seabirds, seals and cetaceans and are a source of food and employment for people. Sustainable fisheries will help to ensure marine ecosystems remain diverse and resilient and provide a long-term and viable fishing industry. Fecundity tends to be high where eggs and sperm are liberated freely into the water, is less in those species giving some form of protection to the eggs and is lowest in species that show parental care. Swordfish spawn at different times of the year depending on the region. While most populations spawn in the spring or summer, others – such as those in the equatorial Pacific – spawn year-round. Female swordfish carry prodigious numbers of eggs, with the largest females carrying the most eggs. They can carry anywhere from 1 million to 30 million eggs, each measuring less than 2 millimeters in diameter. Even after hatching, larva measure little more than 4 millimeters long.At our age, you can’t just roll out of bed and be ready to go. It takes a lot of hard work to look this good. I still exercise for 30 minutes a day, I still only weigh 8st 7lb but I work hard for a body to die for, and I want to show it off.

The pre-ovulatory corpora lutea or corpora atretica may or may not produce hormones, but it is an active organ, and its formation is related with changes in the pituitary gland (Hoar, 1957). Beach (1959) has concluded that the corpus luteum-like structures in fishes, are associated with the removal of yolk rather than the secretion of the hormones. Gonadosomatic index (GSI) of the fish increases with the maturation of the fish, being maximum during the peak period of maturity and declining abruptly after spawning. The GSI of river catfish ( Glyptothorax pectinopterus) was found to be highest in June and least in November (Khanna and Pant, 1967) which coincides with the ova diameter as shown in the Fig.11. The breeding season of this fish extends from June to July.The number of eggs produced by a single female differs considerably and depends upon several factors like her age, size, condition and species. The egg is generally surrounded by a shell but when it leaves the ovary, it is enclosed in a vitelline membrane. Generally, the egg is spherical or oval in shape and has some amount of yolk in it. Unlike friends my age who just complained about ageing, I decided to do something about it,” Jane says. “I flew to Poland and had a face-lift with a company called Secret Surgery. In the Pipe fish ( Syngnathus) and the sea horse ( Hippocampus) the fertilised eggs are transferred by the female into the brood pouch of the male who carries them till the time of hatching. Finally, highest degree of parental care is exhibited by those species which are viviparous and produce young one. Among the teleosts, this is seen in Cyprinodontidae ( Lebistes, Gambusia) Poecilidae, Anablepidae, Jenysiidae, Hemiramphidae etc. Migration for spawning The egg gradually enlarges and projects into the lumen of the ovary. At ovulation the follicle ruptures and the egg escapes from the aperture through amoeboid movement. The forces causing the rupture are not known and the muscle fibres present in the ovarian wall may be responsible for it. In teleosts having cystoarian ovary, the ova are discharged into the oviduct, while in those fishes which have a gymnoarian ovary, the eggs are discharged into the body cavity. The muscles of the oviduct and those of the body wall contract causing movement of the ova through the oviduct. The European Bitterling, Rhodeus, takes extra care for the protection of eggs. When the female is ready to spawn, the oviduct extends out to form a long tube acting as an ovipositor which is used to deposit the eggs within the valves of the fresh water mussel. The male fertilises the eggs as they are laid. After hatching, the fry leave the host and thus remain well protected from the enemies. In some species, eggs develop within the mouth of the parents. In many Cichilids, the female carries the eggs in her mouth. After hatching also, the young fry do not leave the shelter for some time and swim about in water very near the mouth, so that they can return to it in case of danger. In the cat fish, Aureus, the male carries the eggs and young one in his mouth, who does not take food during this period.

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