5 Tips when you’re hosting a party

The days are getting longer, the evenings are getting lighter 🙂

This is spring coming our way. We’ll have more energy, more vitamin D in our face and the birds chirping songs of gatherings…well at least in my mind.

After having children, house parties and reception became the new black.

Well to be honest I was raised like that. My parents always took me with them when they had to go anywhere, and most parties where in community halls, sports gyms and the likes.  All parties where child ‘friendly’, meaning it was never a question of ‘Can I bring my kids’? That’s how we bonded with our cousins and family friends!

When I had my daughter, she also participated in any events we went to.children party

Guests and Young Children party

When you’re trying to organise a special event, party or get together with friends and have children to cater for, it doesn’t have to be difficult.

Preparation is the key, everyone knows that babies, toddlers and children, even sometimes adults don’t always rarely do what you want you think they will. There are still some things you can do to be prepared…


Try to include the children as much as possible. Invite friends with children and get family members to help with feeding, playing, and quiet periods. Have the children’s champagne on ice and finger sandwiches they’ll love. Make mini pizza’s or buy them and other small nibbles.

Child proof your house! You probably already have, but there are still a few things. If you have any perfume you don’t want messed with…lock it in your safe or room. I always have a no access room when hosting. This is for anything I don’t want touched and serves as a coat room 🙂


It’s unfair to expect your child to change routines because you’re having a party! If you have young children, make sure you have a space for them to have quiet times, feeds and can sleep when needed. My daughter was so used to having people in the house and to visiting, that she had no trouble falling asleep around noise and through parties. It doesn’t work for everyone, but the more used to other peoples arms and noise, the more at ease the child will be in these situations.


It’s knowing how to keep your children amused that’ll make the difference here – you can encourage young children to dress up for the party, and put on a play or a magic show for your guests! Get someone to film it all on their camera or phone. For quiet times before bed make collages from torn up magazines, drawings of the guests, or simply read a bedtime story. Paper folding is another simple idea to keep youngsters focused and out of trouble.party nanny


It’s worthwhile considering including your children in the planning procedure before your party starts. So why not get them into the kitchen and let them help with some of the simple food? They can assist with sandwich fillings, and you could even make some chocolate crispy bars that don’t need any cooking. Involving them this way allows them to become part of the event, and if you prepare ahead it won’t alter your timings too much.

Let Them Party

It’s an opportunity to invite a few of your children’s friends round for them to host their own dance party! Let them play until they’re worn out, and all you need to do is provide drinks and snacks. You could even get an indoor play centre with a trampoline, slide, and foam staircases so they can have fun and be safe indoors.children party

Get Sitter Agency Help

You don’t have to do this all by yourself! Get in touch with a reputable babysitter company and let a vetted and qualified sitter come to your home and take care of your children whilst you enjoy your celebrations. You’ll be able to plan ahead and book your babysitters for the time needed, and these childcare professionals will stay the night babysitting if you want them to!

We have a team of childcare professionals who are available to book for your event, whether in a hall or at home.

Babysitting agency

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