Trick-or-Treating 101: A guide to babysitting on Halloween

Halloween is one of the most fun annual holidays for kids and grown-ups alike. With parents often heading out for the evening to Halloween parties, it’s also a busy time for babysitters. However, Halloween comes with its own challenges when you are looking after someone else’s kids. For those new to Halloween babysitting or who have not done it in a while, here are our top tips on what to do with your little ghostly charges.

1. Be prepared: Know the plan
With it being Halloween, the parents may already have a plan as to what the children will be doing while under your watch, so it’s best to be clear about this before you start. Do the parents expect you to take their kids out trick-or-treating? If so, where and for how long? Are your children allowed to watch scary movies at home or do they have any annual Halloween traditions that they want you to follow? The more information about what the kids should be getting up to, the easier it’ll be for you.

2. Think about some fun Halloween craft activities
Even if you go trick-or-treating for part of the evening, it is likely there will be some time at home for a bit of spooky craft-making. Halloween is one of the best holidays for fun craft projects like making mini ghosts, using fake blood or drawing vampires. Just be sure to know what to do in case anything goes wrong, like ink stains or paper cuts. For handy advice on things like removing ink from clothes have a look online and always get details of where First Aid equipment is kept in the house before the parents leave.

3. Get your costumes sorted
If you are going trick-or-treating, it’s important to think about costumes. This is one of the most fun parts of the annual event and it doesn’t need to be too complex. A bit of make-up can do wonders in the fake wounds department and, if in doubt, there’s always the bed-sheet ghost plan. Again, check with the parents to see if there are any pre-planned costume ideas.

4. Set limits for sweets
Halloween is a great holiday for anyone with a sweet tooth, but as all babysitters know, too much sugar can send children a bit children partywild. Find out before you go whether there are any formal limits on how much sweets the children are allowed. If none exist, it’s probably worth inventing them. Limiting your kids to a few sweets and then making sure they save their treats to eat over the course of the following week is sensible if you ever want to get them to sleep!



With a bit of advance planning and some creative ideas, Halloween can be a pretty fun evening on which to babysit. Remember to check in advance things like First Aid supplies and be ready to look up key tips like removing ink from clothes. You can always get in touch with Day & Night Sitters and parents via the app at any point. Then simply enjoy the time with your little ones and let the spooky fun commence!

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