Five Hacks for Getting Your Children’s Outfits Ready for Parties

Kids’ party outfits are hard to beat on the cuteness meter, but getting your little ones into said outfits (and keeping them looking okay all day) is an entirely different matter. From cake stains to ‘I don’t want to wear that dress’ tantrums, few things are more difficult than dealing with a child stressed about what to wear. To help you deal with any festive clothing emergencies and make sure your kid feels special in their clothes on special days, here are five hacks on getting your children’s outfits ready for parties.

  • Don’t worry too much about party stains

One thing that’s inevitable at any time of year is stains on clothes. Whether it’s jam off cake or smudges of chocolate, your child’s party outfit is going to get messy and that’s OK. The trick to surviving with your sanity intact during a family event or children’s party is not to worry too much about this and let kids be kids. Try washing baby clothes and older children’s garments at least once a week during the festive season to prevent creating a backlog. If you need advice on washing baby clothes or others have a look at useful online articles like this one.  

  • Deal with outfit tantrums

Clothing problems are one of the most common triggers for tantrums and party outfit-related tantrums can be some of the most explosive. If your kid is throwing a hissy fit because they want to dress up as Spiderman to your Nan’s birthday tea or they insist on wearing their favourite pyjamas to a non-pyjama party, remember the basic principles of tantrum management: stay cool and acknowledge their emotion, give your little one the chance to calm down, then try to find a solution.

  • Keep some emergency dressing-up supplies to hand

Sometimes when going to a child’s birthday party, you’ll find yourself in a fancy dress emergency. Didn’t realise they actually did need to dress up as superheroes just as you talked your child out of it? Did that ‘chill, family-friendly’ gathering turn out not to be so low-key after all? Keep easy dress-up accessories to hand so that you can alter an outfit to easily fit the theme – hairbands and bow-ties are good bets, and if you’re artistically minded, you can carry a small palette of face paint. Scarves can also make really good capes.

  • Let kids get involved in the planning

The key to getting kids excited about their party outfits is to involve them in the planning. Before things start to get hectic and you need to leave (or, if you’re hosting, your guests arrive), talk to your little ones about what they want to wear and make a plan. Lay out their outfits for the big day in advance, then you won’t have to face any last-minute struggles.

  • Know what to do if wear and tear occurs

Finally, staying sane during busy events is often about good planning in advance. To prevent any last-minute mishaps with your children’s smart clothes, always make sure you have a basic sewing kit and stain remover to hand. Whatever occurs, you’ll be able to deal with it like a pro!

Those are our hacks for stress-free party prep with kids involved. If you’ve got a party coming up where your little ones will need to stay at home, check out our excellent babysitting services. You’ll have a pro to look after your child and peace of mind knowing that they’ve got everything covered and you can communicate with them (and us) through our app at any point. Contact us for more information.

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