5 things I have learnt from running a Business

I was born with a entrepreneur in my belly. From creating something out of nothing or just improving existing products and procedures.

Born and raised in Denmark, I have one trait that is not always helpul, that is perfectionism and paying attention to every little detail.

As a business owner, one must focus on the bigger picture and overall benefit in the long run. Yet, I get excited with the little things and put a lot of pride in my work. Whether it is recruiting, onboarding and managing our team of Babysitters or the communication and service provided to our parents that book.

The most important thing to me is the professionalism and service level Day&Night Sitters is built on. Here are 5 things I have learnt in the past 3 years.

Be willing to do ALL the work

From incorporating the company, budget forecast, business model, website, booking system and social media. Day&Night Sitters was a 1 person operation from the beginning. But you would never know. Today I see companies raising huge funds to have a team of 5 people with salaries and benefits try to create what I did 3 years ago.

The difference is, crazy as it sounds, it was not for money only. I actually wanted to create a service to help parents like myself and at the same time be able to work on my own time (which means 24/7). Passion has always been y driving force. Pride in creating a demand for my supply.

I had to study a lot and learn along the way with my vision and philosophy as the corner stone. It is possible to keep being YOU.

Learn to anticipate your customers needs

I know my service, I know my babysitters and I know how to adapt and manage so the parents are happy.

Some parents are happy to just book straight on the webiste and get allocted a babysitter. We can then depending on the time of the booking, follow up to know more about their requirements, if the sitter needs to cook/heat up food.

Homework help or bedtime routines. If the babysitting starts late, we will recommend that the child meets the sitter before going to sleep, in case they wake up at night and not see an unfamiliar face.

Some parents prefer to call first and know a bit more about the Babysiting Agency and our vetting processes.

Either way, it always comes down to the fact that I represent the business and I have to know what they need. Parents trust me to not only get them qualified and professional sitters, but also make sure that the Babysitting fits their family’s needs.

In my case, the babysitters are also our ‘customers’, so I need to know what they are capable of and if they are happy with the jobs I send them on. They know I go the extra mile for them, making sure they are safe and paid on time, so they are happy to go the extra mile to make sure we can meet demand.

Closely follow and oversee any outsourced work or serviceĀ 

I’ve realised that not everybody has the same work ethics. Even if they are contracted to do a certain job, they might be happy with the bare minimum or worse. Make sure your agreement is clearly layed out and defined before paying for a service or product. You might end up with throwing money out of the window. Look if you are able to do it yourself first, if budget is tight.

If you want things done, give clear instructions. Only you know whats best for your business and what you need.

The amount of work you put in, is the amount of benefit you’ll reap

And work is not only ‘sales’ or bookings. You have to take care of all aspects of your business. I have schedule to make sure I check up on most things during the week. At leats that is the plan.

Update details on website, SEO, Social Media, recruiting, budgetting, blogging, researching, listings and every hour spent working toward the betterment of your business will show a ROI. It’s like a plant, take care of it and it will take care of you.

Keep visioning where you want your business to be and speak life into it. Think big, work as if you already are where you want to be.

Be happy

Be happy with what you do, with the service you provide and with the people you hire and involve in your business. You are more likely to succeed in the long run, with integrity and happiness.

Define what your success is. For me, every single booking is success. Knowing I created a service that other parents need, makes me happy šŸ™‚

Whether you need an extra pair of hands, nanny cover or a well-deserved adult’s only evening, we cater to all your flexible childcare needs!
Designed by a parent for parents, Day&Night Sitters is flexible so you can book a trusted, professional babysitter when needed.
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